Saturday, October 17, 2009

What to Be Besides Perfect

The quest for technical perfection can be either or both a worthy goal, or an obsession for a singer. When a singer performs something technically perfect, when her execution of an advanced and complex piece of music is flawless, we stand back Amazed and Awe-struck.

However, should this perfection elude you as a singer, or should you give up the idea of being absolutely perfect, or even if you are not perfect yet and are waiting for that day when you can be technically perfect, what else can you be?

I made up a list of other things you can be as a singer while I was driving home from Kung Fu class today.

So here are some things a singer might choose to be besides perfect:

Soothing   Comforting   Intriguing

 Exciting      Thrilling   Fun

  Inspirational       Pleasing

Agreeable   Tolerable  Interesting

  Bizarre        Off-Beat    Funky

Real     Disturbing    Unnatural 

 Provocative      Seductive

Stimulating   Enticing    Daring

   Refreshing     Confrontational    

Stunning   Beautiful    Explosive

  Explorative       Declarative

Meditative Peaceful  Reflective

  Rhythmical   Improvisational  

Conversational  Enchanting

 Spell-binding   Proclamative


Rousing  Invigorating  Reckless   

Wild   Abandoned  Ground-Breaking  

Innovative  Inventive Delightful

Introspective Charming Eccentric


Captivating Entrancing  Inviting  

Mesmorizing Hypnotizing Simple    

     Unadorned    Laid Back

Grounded   Unforgettable  Serene

Experimental Elegant Sophisticated

  Casual  Chic  Rugged   Ragged  

Athletic  Mellow    Hip  Playful

  Colorful         Charismatic


You see, there are lots of other things you can be as a singer before you actually become perfect. And maybe some of these other things are even better!?!


  1. Here's another word: committed. Last month I gave a performance that was definitely not perfect, but to which I felt fully committed. It was extremely rewarding despite its flaws, and at least I got positive comments from others about my level of engagement with the music.

  2. Ooooh! Yes, Blue Yonder! "Committed" I think that's the best one of all!