Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Celebrate 100 Clicks -- The Top 10 Frescamari's Practice Room Posts

To celebrate my 100th click this week in a post in Frescamari's Practice Room, I have listed below the top 10 most popular practice room posts.

Many of you know that this blog is connected to another blog I have over at Posterous called Frescamari's Practice Room.  These are "sister" blogs.  Avocational Singer contains little articles and essays on my experiences, and Frescamari's Practice Room is kind of a working studio where I share my process and thinking about singing. They hook together.  In a way, Frescamari's Practice room is my way of "putting my money where my mouth is."  If I want to bloviate about singing topics, I feel that it's fair to show the work I do, and everyone can evaluate who exactly is talking to them, and whether I am able to pull off any of the ideals and concepts upon which I expound.

The Posterous blog site has a feature where a blogger can see how many clicks each post is getting, and I've been watching the number of clicks in the practice room grow.  It has been kind of interesting and exciting to see these numbers get bigger and bigger each day.

This week, I saw the first post to hit 100 clicks.  It was a post where I was struggling to practice the Finnish language for a song Cantigas Women's Choir is doing in its upcoming holiday concert, Songs of Women and Angels.  I found it interesting that it was this post that was in first place.  I wonder if any of you have any theories about why that might be.

It was also interesting that the posts about choir practice were the most popular in general.  I hope this means that there are other avocational singers like myself reading and enjoying the blog.  One place avocational singers have to express their singing is in community choirs like the one I sing in, so maybe that is why the choir posts got a lot of hits.

So, to "celebrate" the growing number of clicks, I thought that I would post the top ten Frescamari's Practice Room topics for you here today.  And I would also like to thank you all for your coming and spending time in the practice room with me.  I enjoy your company!
  1. Choir Practice: Finish Language "Vesi vasyy lumen alle" and German language "Zion hort die Wachter singen" -- 140 clicks
  2. Choir Practice: "Ave Maria" (Bach/Gounod) -- 111 clicks
  3. Vocal Exercise: Just some exercises my teacher gave me to do -- really work that core -- 105 clicks
  4. Choir Practice: "Suscepit Israel" From Bach Magnificat -- 101 clicks
  5. Tools of the Trade: Video Practice: "O Holy Night" -- 101 clicks
  6. "In dulci jubilo" on "doo doo" -- 95 clicks
  7. The Flutey "hoo hoo hoo" Exercise from Choir (That I Can't Doo Doo) -- 93 clicks
  8. Hmmm, I Wonder if that "Doo Doo" Stuff Would Help My "O Holy Night?" -- 93 clicks
  9. Balancing the Middle -- 90 clicks

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